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Duck Room
Doors 7 PM, Show 8 PM
Finn's Motel
Desire Lines w/ Jenny Roques

Joe Thebeau is the founder and frontman of Finn's Motel and has been a storied figure in the St. Louis rock scene since the late eighties with his first band, The Finns. Finn's Motel released their first album, Escape Velocity, in 2006 and then went on a brief ten-year hiatus before returning like a phoenix from a flame with two LPs, Jupiter Rex and Quinta Del Sordo, and one EP, Stone Lions, in the last twenty-two months.


One thing you can always expect from Joe Thebeau and that is intelligently-written and highly melodic songs delivered by one of the best rock vocalists in St. Louis. Blessed with one of the finest rhythm sections in St. Louis with Steve Scariano and Jack Petracek and rounded out with the excellent guitar playing of Scott Roever to complement Joe's guitar playing, Finn's Motel's songs takes on an even more urgent sound in their live shows.

Jenny Roques is no stranger on the St. Louis music scene and she has been  in The Trio Project, Arson For Candy, and Jenny and the Late Nite which all were in a country and roots music vein.


She also performs in the decidedly more rocking bands Tortuga and JOANofDARK. Desire Lines is her latest incarnation and the current band line-up of Jenny along with Matt Pace, Sam Golden, and Ryan Adams provide the perfect musical back-drop to get across the moody, sometimes dark, and insistent rock sound delivered by one of the finest and recognizable voices in St. Louis. 

Grace Basement

Grace Basement, the acclaimed rock-and-roll side project of St. Louis folk musician, multi-instrumentalist and producer Kevin Buckley, released their fourth full-length album, Mississippi Nights, in  2018.


Kevin performs nearly every night of the week with a variety of bands ranging from Irish music to western swing and country where he adds guitar and fiddle. Grace Basement, however, explores a guitar-based rock sound accented by orchestral flourishes and chromatic swirls.


In many ways, it follows in the spirit of Alex Chilton’s Big Star, and later Wilco: two bands from the heartland, in tune with British Invasion-esque melodies and a willingness to experiment.

Photo Credits: Jenny Roques: Nate Burrell, Grace Basement: Corey Woodruff